i’ve been crazy busy lately. as such, my blogging and reading/commenting on blogs is way behind. i will catch up over thanksgiving, promise–i miss you kids. but everybody is busy, so imma keep my mouth shut with the whining.

i’m currently sitting in the airport waiting for a flight to DC for a “nerd convention” as my friends call it. in reality, it’s a certain policy-driven organization for law students and lawyers. it’s possible a certain series of articles written by a mr. hamilton, mr. madison, and mr. jay is the bible of sorts for this group.

this post has nothing to do with that, if just to say i got 3 hours of sleep last night, i haven’t gotten more than 5 hours of sleep in one night in weeks, and i have a red-headed temper. so i’m ready to rage at most people around me.

it’s not MY fault, though, that people are such morons. below i’m going to list a few things that have been putting me over the edge and you can decide if i’m being absurd or if people really do suck.

slow drivers: i drive to the big city a couple of times per week for my externship. it’s a 20 mile drive but takes FOREVER because people can’t flipping drive. just because YOU aren’t in a hurry doesn’t mean i’m content to drive 30 in a 40.
group projects: my trial advocacy class had its final be a full mock trial. we were paired up by the prof and my partner is the dumbest kid to ever exist (or at least graduate from middlebury). and now my final grade is based, at least in part, on someone who doesn’t understand the difference between a criminal and civil proceeding (dead serious).
the new TSA scanners. i just got my rights violated by one. if you believe that TSA deletes every last picture, i have a bridge to sell you.
auto correct. i replaced my beloved crackberry with a droid last month and cannot for the life of me figure out the auto correct. sometimes we’re on the same page, sometimes it tries to write in sanskrit.
men. well maybe not the entire gender, just all the inappropriate ones i seem to fall for. prince charming? you can ride up just about anytime now.
kate freaking middleton. for being so damn pretty and taking away my first true love. and don’t tell me harry is still single. he’s fuggers. and i don’t like ginger men, which may be blasphemy, but whatever.

time to board! i love flying, especially sunrise flights and flying into DCA. see yall next week–promise.



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3 responses to “grr.

  1. wow. i’m really envious of your upperclassman status. like i really am.

    i too aspire to be kate middleton and may have copied down all the exercises that Self Magazine attributes to her gym routine….

  2. duolynoted and myself are figuring out ways to get invited. Her goal is to become maid of honor and then we decided that she would get to invite 50 people to the royal wedding. You can be my date because my husband didn’t hardly have the patience to sit through our wedding, let alone a royal shindig. haha

    And slow drivers suck at life.

    Enjoy your trip!!

  3. You’re killing me. I want to be in DC this weekend for fun nerdy-ness.

    That said: Seeing all the British newspapers that cannot.stop.ogling over Kate makes me want to kill myself. She’s gorgeous and going to become Queen. Lucky. I’ll try and stake out the royal wedding – might as well get something accomplished while I live in the UK.

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