things i’m grateful for, the real version

everyone seems to be posting their lists of what they’re thankful for. it’s lovely and sappy and fun and it’s good to remind us all how much we have.  while sitting in bed the other night, i tried to jot down a list of my things, but quite frankly, i have so incredibly much to be thankful for, i couldn’t possibly list it all–it would be interminable. instead, i’ll post a few things i find myself appreciating on a very frequent basis.

  • our local law school pub, with its sticky booths, overpriced beers, and a million memories.
  • the kids i prosecute, for teaching me that people can change, few problems are unfixable, and reminding me how lucky i am to have had such an amazing childhood.
  • the “off the record” function on gchat.
  • skype, for bridging the distance between all of my friends.
  • hangovers, for the reminder of how much fun the night before was.
  • a man in a tux.
  • a man in a bowtie.
  • all the inappropriate men i fall for.
  • men, generally.
  • starbucks, for a chance to study away from the confines of home and the lawbrary and a chance for so many coffee dates with friends.
  • coffee and liquor, for providing socially acceptable vices (instead of, yanno, heroin).
  • my twitter friends who put with my frequent drunk tweeting.
  • romcoms, for providing hope that someday i’ll be able to love for real.
  • the stupid politicians of this country, for all the entertainment.
  • crushes
  • my claw-foot bathtub.
  • “that’s what she said” jokes.
  • my red hair. i love that it has become such a defining part of my personality.
  • gin & tonics
  • friends who have become family.
and with that, i wish you all a truly happy thanksgiving. i hope you’re able to either be with family or those you love.

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  1. LOVE Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Thankful for your funny and fun blog. xo

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