love actually

i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and yall are now ready for the most wonderful time of the year!

one way i love bringing in the holiday season is by watching love actually. it’s my very favorite of the new christmas movies (i don’t compare it to the older ones, like it’s a wonderful life) and i watch it all the time.


there are about ten stories following different characters and their love stories. all the characters are somehow related and each love story shows a very different kind of love: some new, some lust, some illicit, some platonic, some fading, some family.

my very favorite story line is that between david and natalie. he’s the PM, she’s a member of his household staff (she brings him delightfully british biscuits and tea!). he’s hugh grant, so he’s gorgeous, and he’s very single and very much in charge of the UK. why do i love this story? probably has something to do with the fact that it’s a totally inappropriate relationship and i have a mild problem with falling for inappropriate men. but it really is a sweet story.

(screen shot)

i also really like the jamie and aurélia story. he’s just broken up with his girlfriend and goes off to the countryside to write. his housekeeper is aurélia, who only speaks portuguese, which he does not. somehow (and this is totally beyond my comprehension), they fall in love.  my very favorite dialogue of the entire movie is between these two. he drives her home at the end of each day, and one day as he’s dropping her off he says, “it’s my favorite time of day, driving you” and she responds “it’s the saddest part of my day, leaving you.” keep in mind neither speaks the other’s language, and it’s that much sweeter. eventually they leave the country, he learns portuguese, and goes to her and proposes. precious, right?

(screen shot)

the soundtrack is amazeballs, too. it’s in pretty constant rotation on my ipod.

what are your favorite scenes? story lines? or do you absolutely hate it?



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11 responses to “love actually

  1. for me, usually a toss up between casablanca or cruel intentions.

  2. Shannon

    I think we’ve talked about this before, but this is also my favorite of the “new” Christmas movies. The Holiday is a close second. This year though, I couldn’t find my Love Actually dvd (I am of the opinion that it is okay to start watching on Nov. 1st). Torture! I have solved this problem by buying it on iTunes, which means I can now watch it on my phone whenever I want. I feel as though this will be bad news when I am in the lawbrary, procrastinating.

    And those are my 2 favorites as well. My 3rd favorite is the little boy running through the airport. Love. It.

  3. mr. c: i like both of those, too! the cruel intentions soundtrack is amazeballs!

    shannon: the holiday is fantastic! and oh man, movies in the lawbrary? daaaaaaaaangerous. also, the little boy is SO CUTE. that love story is so precious.

  4. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Wine + Love Actually would be the perfect Christmas for me. Screw gifts. Screw family.

  5. Amanda

    Ooh…I think The Holiday is my fave of the “new” movies, but I do enjoy Love Actually. I really didn’t like it at first, but I think that was because everybody was telling me, “You will LOVE this movie!!” and I hate being told how to feel about pretty much anything 🙂

  6. jamie: right?! totally perfect.

    amanda: i LOVE the holiday. just recently discovered it and it’s so adorable. and i’m right there with you on hating being told how to feel. i’ll make up my own mind, thankyouverymuch.

  7. lovelovelove this movie!! I think the porn couple is cute, just because it’s awkward. Haha. Also, something always draws me to the storyline with Kiera Knightly and her husband’s friend. Not sure why, but it captivates me. haha.

    But Hugh Grant is beautiful and he’s funny in this and I love him as well. Great movie all the way around.

  8. ok – clearly a fav HAS to be the one where Hugh does the dance. what a GREAT movie!

  9. NTW: the scene where mark (kiera’s husb’s friend) shows up with the signs and pretends to be a caroler really melts my heart. so sweet.

    VM: yes! i love that dance.

  10. I love this movie!! I haven’t watched it yet this year, but I have the DVD all ready!! I never get tired of Christmas movies!! We also watch a lot of Elf (duh) and Mixed Nuts this time of year. My family became obsessed with Mixed Nuts a few years back and now we quote it all the time. I love my nerdy fam!

  11. natalie: i’ve never seen mixed nuts, and only a few minutes of elf! i may need to change that this year!

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