grumble grumble EXAMS grumble grumble

so i’ve entered the storm: it’s exam time.


throughout my experience of playing this game called law school, my semesters have always progressed in a similar fashion:

  • weeks 1-4: motivation! “this could be a really awesome class! i’m so excited! i’ll never do anything during class but pay attention and be a great student. rah!”
  • weeks 5-8: doldrums, but still mildly interested in classes. “this isn’t so bad, let’s go party!”
  • weeks 9-12: interminable. “this semester will never end, gahhhhh, let’s go to the bars 12 times this week.”
  • weeks 12-14: uh oh. “i should probably ramp up my study efforts, exams are soon”
  • week 15 + reading week: HOLY SHIT. “i know nothing, exams are barreling at me, i’m so screwed, how is it possible to read 800 pages for one subject and still know nothing? how will i learn it all in the next 6 days?!?!”
  • exams: blinders. “is there a world outside of law school? who are you people at the coffee shop? why do you look so carefree? why are you, person in line at the grocery, judging me for purchasing 27 bagels and 3 cases of v8? this is my sustenance for the next two weeks. leave me be.”
i’m in the holy shit phase at the moment. today is the last day of classes, tomorrow i have 5 hours of review sessions, thursday is my last day in court, and my first exam is saturday. the first exam isn’t a huge deal and quite frankly, i’m looking forward to monday because all the rest of my stuff will have been turned in and i’ll only have to worry about exams. yes, 1L version of firecracker, exams aren’t the end of the world and are fairly manageable.

speaking of 1L, if you are one, go read theses posts by amie and ninja.  both have lots of good advice on how to tackle exams.

i’m at the point where i’ve made my schedule, i’m figuring out how i’ll survive through monday, and coming to terms with the fact that through december 13th, my life will suck. apologies to all, for tweeting about law school for the next few weeks and not staying caught up with my reader. i love you dearly and will return soon.

god speed, law students, and even more encouragement for people who have to deal with bitchy law students for the next month or so. we’re terrible people.




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4 responses to “grumble grumble EXAMS grumble grumble

  1. Jamie B

    Grumble grumble stab stab stab

    all I did today was take practice exams. Oh and I cried.

    Can it be Dec 17 now? Kthxbye

  2. chårłię

    If exams are why your evil now, what’s the excuse the other 50 weeks a year?

  3. jamie: one day at a time. you’ll do fine, i promise.

    charlie: i’ve never pretended to be anything BUT evil. 😉

  4. Good luck on them. I’m one that has to live with a 1L law student. The thing is, he isn’t mean or crabby. He’s just so stressed and seems so down on himself. I think that’s the hardest part. I’m ready for it to be Dec 16th already.

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