two things

1. it’s december. can someone please tell me where 2010 went? and will the rest of my life move so quickly? dang.

2. if you follow me on twitter, you’ll know that i demanded everyone read this article a few days ago.  if you haven’t read it yet, i promise you it’s well worth the time. be sure to have some tissues with you because it’s heartbreaking, but so completely worth it.

your life is happening right now and this is the only moment you can control. this is the only minute that really matters. if you are constantly dwelling on something that happened in the past or feeling anxious about the future, you are missing out on YOUR LIFE. do what makes you happy in this moment and your life will be full.

{jill costello}

i am so inspired by people who seem to face the worst of tragedies and have the best of attitudes. this hit so close to home because one of the best people i’ve ever known was also taken too soon by cancer. life is precious and all too short.

but please, go read that article. a little perspective and a little motivation for finals, which–let’s face it–are silly and we’re all completely melodramatic.

(h/t: george for the article)


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  1. It’s snowing on your blog!!! I love it!!!

    Also, I totally loved that article. Think I forgot to reply before but I loved it.

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