my boys.

a lifetime or so ago, i went to a women’s college. though classes and riding were 100% women, we weren’t without men, as nearby there was a military school and our very southern, very preppy brother school.  we fratted with them, “dated” them, and were friends with them. but by and large, my besties from college were women. for years, i couldn’t imagine being friends with boys without dating them.

now it seems as though life is catching up with me. my closest friends here are boys.

i’ve talked about tomtom before. he’s my law school BFF. he’s fun, his wife is fun, they live in a fun town (two towns and a bridge away from mine) and i usually stay at their house when we go out drankin. he’s currently on a mission to get me to stay in new england after graduation and as such, is trying to set me up with one of his gorgeous sailing friends (he was a pro sailor before law school). some men are more successful than others, but hey, it’s nice he’s trying.

i was thinking yesterday about how much i tweet about “the boys,” yet i haven’t properly introduced any of them besides tomtom.

my deepest apologies.

so here, on the bloggy for the first time, i present my boys:

  • C: he’s like the love child of james bond and the situation. he drinks martinis like they’re going out of style, but gels his hair and wears AXE body spray.
  • I: he was a D1 offensive linesman. he’s big, he’s covered in tattoos, and he’s a big pile of emotional mush. (don’t tell the others)
  • M: he’s the pervy uncle everyone loves. graying hair, watches every baseball game that is ever on TV, and makes the world’s most inappropriate jokes.
  • N: he’s a short, politically-minded, portuguese man. he subscribes to the new york times and can house a beer like no one i know. we scream about politics and make up over football. (except for that time he rooted against alabama. we don’t talk about that.)
  • A: he’s our non-drinking, 6’5″ triathlete, designated driver. he makes fun of everyone on earth with no limits. the words “too soon” are unfamiliar to him.
we all meet up to watch football (anything really on ESPN) and sit around making fun of each other. we’re loving the freedom that comes with being 3Ls. relatedly, we ice each other all the GD time. i’m now on a mission to ice them in the lawbrary before exams are over, but i’m struggling with two things: (1) the flavor (the nastier the better), and (2) how to do it smoothly. i’ve iced them countless times, but never at school. suggestions welcome.


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6 responses to “my boys.

  1. Put it in a coat sleeve, and before leaving or something hand them their coat. Mr. A had it done to him and it was smooth. Or, during a gift exchange. That happened too. Say you will each bring each other a $5 gift to lighten the mood during studying. Coat might be the best.

  2. Fake casebook. Cut out all the pages.

    Too bad it would cost like a bajillion dollars. Maybe just use a reporter from the library or something instead 😛 And hope they actually open it 😛

  3. erin: oooooh good plan. N wears a hoodie all the time, maybe i’ll try to sneak it in the pocket or his sleeve.

    jamie: BRILLIANT. that may have to wait until next semester (so i can be sure they’ll pick it up and read it), but i like where your head’s at!

  4. Being as I have never participated in an icing, but I do love the occasional all-boy hang and the inappropriate things to which you can be privy, I support this endeavor. I will donate $5 to the “icing” fund, but I’d really love a video of this happening, preferably in the STATUTE section.

    Make it happen. FOR ME!!!!


    this is fantastic. i especially love that it’s filed under asshole alert. and don’t let tomtom keep you in new england, you’re coming to dc with me. also icing. as i know you sometimes like to bake, put the cookies in a bucket and hide the bottle among the cookies. Or you could accidently take something from one of them (lets say borrow a book) and when they ask for it back, say it’s in your bag. these are my limited suggestions, but you should really contact your grandbaby, she’s a master at this game.

  6. fab awk: yeah, you’re going to need to get on that. icing = rock. i’ll try to surreptitiously video the ice. they don’t trust me anymore though, so no promises.

    behrlie: girl you know i miss the south too much to stay. and GB has been FBed. i’m so proud of my family.

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