a love letter to 2011

dear 2011,

hello, i am so glad you have come. though you’re still just a baby at 15 days old, i have a feeling you and i are going to have a grand time–an adventure ripe for the record books.

your arrival marks the year i will graduate from law school, the year i become a lawyer, the year i start my first big girl job, the year i become an adult.

but hold on, that’s later on down the road. your arrival is the year that my focus isn’t on some nebulous future, but rather, what’s going on here and now. though i have no idea where i’ll be in 6 months, you are the year that i exchange my worries of the future for my love of the right now. you are the year that i never stop counting my blessings, that i cry often, but only out of an abundance of laughter. you are the year that i make enough memories to fill a thousand scrapbooks, that i crawl into bed exhausted every night because i have squeezed every ounce of life out of every day.

you have already brought so many wonderful things to me, in this fifteen day sojourn. i rang you in with one of my best friends from my new zealand adventure. i started my last semester of law school last week, surrounded by some amazing people. you brought the SEC its fifth straight BCS championship. you reunited me with alum from undergrad last weekend, bringing me yet another reminder of how lucky i am to have been able to call that place home for four years. you brought me a snow day on wednesday that i spent with the my boys–a day i wouldn’t trade for anything.

though you’re sure to bring me a lot of change as we go down the road, the overwhelming amount of joy that you have already brought me is most appreciated. i cannot wait to see what other things you have in store.



ps: if you could bring more songs like this, i would be most grateful.



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3 responses to “a love letter to 2011

  1. i have high hopes for 2011. I really, really envy your 3L status though. So badly.

  2. Love this! I hope 2011 is super fantastic for you. I so wish Mr. A was a 3L in his last semester. Jealous.

  3. cheers to 2011. may it bring everything you worked so hard for.

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