the perfect day

have y’all ever had the perfect day? a day where you would not have improved anything if you had the chance? a day you wish you could repeat forever? and then you realize that nothing out of the ordinary happened? there was no huge job offer, you didn’t create world peace, this is just a day in the life?

that was me today and that’s been me a lot lately. having the perfect day when there’s no discrete, articulable reason for it being perfect might just be the best feeling in the world, because that means your life is where it should be, you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, and life itself is perfect.

i know no one likes happy people–we’re irritating and grating, and no one wants to hear “yay life!” all the fucking time. cynicism is funny and real. that’s part of the reason why i’ve been so quiet on the blogging front lately: i don’t want to drive you people all nuts. but more than that, i’ve been living my vision for 2011. i have spent nearly every moment surrounded by amazing friends, i’ve laughed to the point of tears every day, and my cheeks are in a constant world of hurt from all the smiling.

my google reader is overflowing, my DVR is piling up, and i have scores of unanswered emails sitting in my inbox. but i’m living so richly and i wouldn’t trade the life i’m leading right now for anything. and that, my friends, is the best feeling i’ve ever had.

i wish i could share this euphoria with all of you. i hope joy permeates every ounce of your being. i know that every moment of this life is borrowed time, and i’m so blessed to have you people in my life.



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8 responses to “the perfect day

  1. I’m so happy for you. While I haven’t been accepted, as soon as I decided to apply to grad school, my spirits lifted and I felt better about things. Sometimes, just getting life in order and a goal makes everything better.

    Enjoy your happiness and I hope it lasts forever.

  2. After two days of stomach flu, I more than welcome a little sunshine in a post. If you could bottle a little bit of that and pass it around, it would make the shortest, darkest month a little brighter.

    • sorry you’re ill! ick.
      can you imagine how awesome it would be to be able to bottle that kind of sunshine? be able to pull it out for a nasty day? that would be spectacular.

  3. Jamie

    Dude I am so happy for you. This is so good to hear. It gives me hope for my future….

  4. Yay happiness! I love perfect days. Mine usually involve me, my pajamas, my couch and my blankie, and not leaving the house for an entire day. They’re so rare and I really cherish them. Really. I’m so glad you’re happy!

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