i take it back. i take it all back.

yanno how i posted that big diatribe about hating valentine’s? about how my disgust was not for the cliché reasons?

i’ve had a change of heart.

(no pun intended.)

(okay well maybe a little pun is okay sometimes.)

i subscribe to a bunch of blogs. some about law, some about new england, some about pretty things, and some about bettering one’s life. some i interact with via post replies and gchats whereas with others, i just read from the edges and enjoy. maybe a little creepy, but hey, the point of blogging is to share, right?

anyway, one of the blogs i absolutely adore is ribbon + redcups. the way she presents herself in her blog is exactly how i want to live my life: always celebrating, finding the joy in everything. i don’t think i’ve ever commented on her blog, but every new post is a positive affirmation about life. it’s pretty swell.

on valentine’s she posted this piece of advice:

Be grateful like everyday is Thanksgiving, Dress Up like every day is Halloween, Party like every day is St. Patty’s day, Rejoice like everyday is Christmas, Celebrate like everyday is your Birthday and love like everyday is Valentines Day

and THAT is what i’m striving for.

i take back every scowl about valentine’s and “fake emotions.” if that’s where love is, if that’s the only way love can be celebrated, then go with it, run with it.

i take back bitching about chaucer, too. he’s a cool guy.

so yeah, kids, i love you.



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8 responses to “i take it back. i take it all back.

  1. I LOVE THIS! Following her blog, right now.

  2. Shannon

    Aww, we love you too!

  3. rebecca.m.e.

    i’m extremely corny and tearing up.
    thanks for those kind words.

  4. I love that piece of advice. We need to celebrate everyday, whether it’s a holiday or not. Love it.

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