full steam ahead

i have a tendency to get ahead of myself.


on a first date, i envision our wedding. when i buy a lottery ticket (which i’ve done twice since turning 18), i imagine how i would diversify my portfolio.

it’s an illness, really.

currently, i’m applying for jobs out the wazoo. as i work on each cover letter, i envision what my life would be like with that job in that town. i peruse craigslist for housing, scout out fun activities for the weekends, and look into the area’s junior league to see how easy/difficult it will be to transfer in.

lest i jinx any of these, the only person with whom i talk about my applications is my dad. he is a pain sometimes (doesn’t understand the crippling fear that comes with each submission), but is the only one who really gets where i’m at; he provides solid advice and is my rock. i applied for a job near my hometown that i really want. i didn’t tell my mom because i don’t want her getting her hopes up i’ll move back out west, but i have every single finger and toe crossed for this job.

since mailing it in, i have gone overboard in my potential future planning.

place to live? check.


new skis? check.


and the most important part?


meet dukes:

and emily:

(all via)

i want them ALL. i’ve been drooling over the rocky mountain lab rescue site. this can’t be good for me but look at the PUPPIES.

i want one. now. please.

(ps: lest we forget, i have my gorgeous girl:

but she lives with my parents and is getting older and less well as time goes on. once i take the bar and get my life set up, i doubt she’ll be part of our lives anymore. 😦 i’ll be heartbroken, but the past few years without a dog every day have shown me how much i need a precious little furbaby in my life.)



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9 responses to “full steam ahead

  1. Shannon

    If you get this job, please may I come live in your awesome apartment, with really cute puppies? PUH-LEASE?!

    I have this problem too, so I’m sending you a virtual head nod. And have fun planning all of your many potential lives:)

  2. I can understand finding it hard not to get too far ahead of yourself. My major life plan/job option came crashing down around me a week before graduation last year after planning on it since November, so I was very cautious last fall telling people about my (then soon to be new) job while also looking at fun restaurants in the area.

    But I hope you get to hear back good news about this job application soon!

  3. After the job stuff not working out, I don’t like talking about what I’m trying for anymore. I know I spilled about grad school, but basically none of my friends know about it and only my parents.

    And I’m currently trying to convince Mr. A that we should get out of the lease we signed for next school year anf find a place that allows dogs in case I make enough money and can get one. I drool over them. It’s killing me.

    But wishing you allllll kinds of luck and sending good juju your way!!!

    • thanks girl for the juju! obviously sending tons your way for your grad school process.

      i want a puppy SO MUCH. so much. if you get one, can i fawn over it?

  4. I do this all.the.time. It’s so hard because when you’re in the midst of doing a lot of un-fun stuff (job apps, moving, whatever), it’s pretty hard not to get caught up in more fun things that lie ahead, too. That, and who wants to deal with all the annoying detailed stuff like expenses when you can figure out what sort of zumba classes are available near your new home. DUH.

    • right?!?! it’s so much more fun to dream about it rather than do the work for it.

      re: zumba: i’m the least coordinated human in the entire world. i will leave you to it. 😉

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