truth or dare, modified

i was at a conference this past weekend in virginia for my very favorite libertarian and conservative law student/lawyer organization. as usual, it was a fantastic time. learned lots of stuff, networked, caught up with many friends, and, of course, drank heavily in suits (top 10 favorite thing of all time).

on saturday night, we had dinner with justice thomas. say what you will, CT is one of my heroes. he came from nothing, worked hard, and sticks to his principles in all of his decisions. indeed, a champion of liberty (see, e.g., his concurrence in mcdonald). (though it was a closed event, someone leaked to politico, which you can read here. i’m thoroughly unimpressed someone did that–poor form.)

after about twelve standing ovations we left the resort to go out drankin’. i’ve made many friendships at these conferences throughout the years. the people are all lovely; they challenge me intellectually, have similar world views, and love to argue. i’ve also grown quite close with many of them. the daytime panels are fantastic, as are the evening libations.

so we’re at the bar and having fun with $2 coors lights (yes, TWO DOLLA. i took full advantage, as you can imagine) and decided to play a little game called “truth or dare, truth not allowed.” so pretty much it was just us telling each other to do embarrassing things for each other’s amusement. highly recommend. (side note: i STRONGLY DISCOURAGE doing a google image search on truth or dare. shudder.) dares included: asking a group of girls in full camo outfits where they got them (answer: walmart); walking out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to the shoe; talking to a boy in a dress (turns out he was a she, oops).

one of my dares involved awkwardly hitting on one of the hahvahd guys while twirling my hair. (there was a script involved that included me stroking his ego, but as some people who will read this were at the conference, i don’t want them figuring out who it is ;).) so i trudge over and strike up a conversation as unawkwardly as possible. as it turns out, stroking a hahvahd kid’s ego = good. we ended up really hitting it off and having a lovely chat. to my surprise, he took my number and we have a date this weekend.

when was the last time i had a real date? 1992. (inaccurate, but close.) i filled my boys in on monday and they’ve been giving me shit all week about it. but they helped me pick out something to wear and now i’m ready! so if we get married (which we totes will–remember my tendency to get ahead of myself), it’ll be all because of a dare in a bar.

i can get behind that.

seriously though, any dating tips? i’m bringing my A-game (cleavage, pearls, and intellectual conversation), but have no flipping idea beyond that.



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7 responses to “truth or dare, modified

  1. hahvahd

    you are my absolute favorite.

    I have no dating tips. I used to try to steal lines from movies. I have no game. It’s a miracle that I’m getting married. Really.

  2. Ahhhh! I wanna play dare or dare. Or how ’bout dare or DOUBLE dare? (P.S. Well done on the date!)

  3. Amanda

    I have no tips, but I hope you have fun! 🙂 My last date was also in approximately 1992, ha!

    {I have been so out of the internet loop since I stopped blogging, I’m slapping myself on the wrist. Hope life is swell, friend!}

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