window seat

people like to categorize, particularly other people. it helps us understand where someone is coming from and who someone is. specifically i’m talking about categorizing people by personality. is he an optimist or a pessimist? introvert or extrovert? idealist or realist? city boy or country girl? these are total over-simplifications, but they can give some insight into someone’s personality.

i tend to think about people in aisle or window terms. as in, when they fly, would they rather have the window seat or the aisle seat? (since no one actually likes the middle seat, i don’t consider there to be a middle seat category except for an odd creeper or two.) it makes it easier to compartmentalize.  and i’m all about compartmentalizing (except for my shoes, but that’s a different story for another day).

aisle people are those who prefer to get wherever they’re going. they read and do work and see flying as one big hassle. packing, parking, getting through security, waiting until your boarding zone is called, and then sitting like a sardine for 3+ hours is a big ole pain in the butt. aisle people like the freedom of being able to get up easily and hit the bathroom. they like to stretch into the aisle a little bit. but they generally just want to get to the destination without incident.

window people, on the other hand, are dreamers. for them, robert louis stevenson had it right, the great affair is to move. the hassle of security pales to the excitement of travel.

i’m a window person. i love to fly; i think a window seat on a westbound plane is one of the greatest places on earth. i love the feeling of rising above life’s minutiae. i love being totally unreachable for hours on end. i always intend to do work or to read, but without fail, i sit with a book on my lap, my ipod playing, and stare at the clouds. i pass the time thinking deeply, dreaming, challenging myself.

sitting above the clouds, it’s easy to forget that disaster plagues the world. the horrific earthquake and tsunami hadn’t yet hit before my first flight and details were just coming out before my second. the problems in libya, tunisia, the sudan, egypt seem so far away.

i don’t mean to sound so detached, but it becomes easy to think about all that man has accomplished while floating so far above. the concept of flight is just fantastic–that mankind has worked since before written history for a way for to rise above gravity and that we’ve finally accomplished it. holy goodness it’s cool!

are you a window person or an aisle person? or do you prefer to categorize people differently?



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12 responses to “window seat

  1. I’m a bit of a mix of the two. I prefer window seats for the view. But I mostly only look out when there aren’t any clouds. Once I’m above the clouds, I dig into my book and try to get stuff done. I don’t like using bathrooms on planes if I can help it, and the aisle always makes me get up when other people go to the bathroom. SO RUDE, THOSE OTHER PEOPLE. I love flying, and I love traveling, but I hate the hassle associated with it. MORE TRAINZ PLEASE.

    • airplane bathrooms are akin to the 4th level of hell. definitely agree re: trains. they’re so much easier–no security, show up 10 mins before you board, lots more room. BAM.

  2. Jamie

    Hmmmm interesting theory. I like. But this one time, I was in a window seat and this very fat gentleman sat in the aisle, got completely drunk, shat his pants, and passed out. This was on a completely full flight. I couldn’t move because there were no other seats and also no one could wake him for a good 2 hours. So yeah. I was traumatized. Now aisle seats, always.

  3. I’m window seat almost all the way. I love being able to look out the window. I also love flying quite a bit. You’re right, it takes you outside of the realm of reality for a bit. That’s not a bad thing now and again.

  4. As much as I’d like to be a window seat person, being 6’3″ I’m totally an asile person. Flying is an exercise in slow torture for me and I’ve resolved to not fly unless absolutely necessary … or I can afford a business or first class seat. On the train, on the other hand, I’m a total window person. Love watching the world pass by.

  5. Pauline

    I am such a window person. There’s something fascinating about looking out and seeing the world from a completely different perspective. I think my favorite is flying above the clouds, so that all you see is white peaks and valleys.

  6. i’m new to your blog and i totally love this. i love traveling, but am definitely an aisle person! but i do sneak a peak or two across the middle seat creeper to the dream outside.

    • welcome! and thank you for the kind words. 🙂

      i always feel so bad for the middle seat creeper. they must be flying standby, right? no one actually wants that seat, do they?

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