rules for adulthood

even in happy la-la land where life is great and i’m generally incredibly happy, shit still happens and i still have a redheaded temper. with that as a preface, here we go with a rather cuss-laden post.

do you ever just want to shake people and scream what the fuck is wrong with you?!?! i have had that feeling more and more frequently. i often wonder where the hell people grew up where it is acceptable to behave like a fucking petulant child all the goddamned time even though you’re clearly an adult.

because that’s all i’ve been running into lately, i’ve decided to draft up a primer on rules for adulthood with a focus on law school. i’m going to distribute it to the whole damn world, but particularly the fine people with whom i attend law school. it’s clearly a work in progress, so please add your suggestions.

some rules:

  • apologies, though necessary and nice, don’t fix everything. what’s that? you’re sorry? then why the hell is this the 12th time you’ve done it? stop apologizing and just stop doing the offending action.
  • have some damn dignity. i know this is just law school and law students are terrible people, but we’re future colleagues and i do have a memory.  stand by your word, do things you wouldn’t mind telling your grandmother about, and for the love of god, enough with the cattiness.
  • if you make a commitment, follow through. even if you don’t think it’s important, someone is relying on you. you can’t handle it? then don’t commit in the first place.
  • excuses are like assholes–everyone has one and they all stink. either do your shit or don’t, but don’t give me some bullshit excuse. i would have so much more respect for you if you simply owned the fact that you didn’t do it and apologized. we all have a lot of things going on, i don’t care why you didn’t do it, just that you didn’t do what you told me you would.
  • stop bitching about all of your mundane problems. 22,000 people are dead or missing in japan and you think anyone gives a shit about your struggle to decide whether to buy the day’s groupon? ugh. in all seriousness, the american teacher from virginia whose body they just found went to prep school with a lot of my friends from college. i never knew her but can see the ripples of tragedy reaching out. so incredibly sad.
that’s all i have right now. any additions?


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10 responses to “rules for adulthood

  1. Follow-up on apologies: Even if you really are sorry, and even if you don’t do it ever again, you have to accept that sometimes an apology isn’t going to be enough. You might have REALLY SERIOUSLY hurt someone, and that hurt doesn’t go away just because you apologized. And even if they do, by the grace of god, manage to forgive you, odds are they won’t EVER forget. Accept that as part of the consequences of the shitty thing you did.

    Oh, I have lots more. I shall think and chime in as I get them.

  2. Oh how I love me a good redheaded rant. I’m going to start referring assholes to this post rather than wasting my time trying to say what you’ve already said so well.

  3. This is SUCH A GOOD POST. I really needed to hear that someone else was thinking this today. Starred & bookmarked.

  4. Adore this.

    — Take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Don’t blame everyone else for YOUR failures or mistakes.
    — Life isn’t fair. Everything will not be handed to you on a platter and you do not deserve everything you want. No one does. If you get it, great, but realize that just because you don’t get something, there is no one to blame and just be happy for the other person. And don’t just continually bad mouth them because you’re being whiny. Grow up and move on.

  5. I sometimes go straight for the “leave a reply area” and don’t read the other comments. That said, take responsibility for your own actions is a big favorite of mine (probably a long lingering side-effect of being a Marine). Also, don’t expect other people to pull your ass out of the flames, if you screw up, own it (but if someone does, make sure you thank them).

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