looking forward

though the list of things i hate is seemingly interminable, one of the things very near the top is countdowns. i’ve been on many a “life is short” rant; and what is life, if not a collection of days? in the words of president bartlet, the streets of heaven are too crowded with angels. to wish away such a precious thing as life is beyond my comprehension.

my gchat list and facebook have morphed into a showcase of countdowns until graduation. it’s enough to make a girl pull her hair out. yeah, law school is not the stuff dreams are made of. but we’re young, surrounded by friends, and fairly responsibility-free. and, need i remind any 3L who has forgotten, graduation is followed shortly by BAR PREP. counting down to graduation is counting down to an even worse time in our lives. so GODDAMMIT. STOP.

with all that said, i am growing excited for graduation. of course there are so many things i will miss about being a student, but there are a few things i am looking forward to. things such as:

  • living alone. i cannot wait to have my own space. walking around nakie? no problem. not worrying about anything being “borrowed”? sign me up. no need to talk if i’m feeling rather anti-social? music to my ears.
  • sundays. the ideal sunday: brunch, cleaning, relaxing. my reality: homework, usually hungover, and incredibly jealous of everyone else.
  • coffee shops without homework. i love coffee and i love reading, both of which have been put on the backburner by law school. i’m so excited to take books that i want to read to my nearest starbucks and enjoy a latte. without the highlighters.
  • happy hour. drinking in a suit is awe.some. my summers have shown HH to be the perfect melding of quenching thirst while encouraging moderation (goodness knows i ain’t staying until closing in a suit).
  • a chance to build a life for myself. for the past 7 years, i’ve been a bit of a gypsy. 7 cities, 2 countries, 60,000 miles on my car (and it didn’t even go to 3 of those cities). i’ve built friendships and deep connections, but all with the understanding of an end date. graduating and taking a bar means i’ll be moving somewhere (relatively) permanently. and i’m excited to become rooted in a community. i’m excited to date and have relationships without an alarm clock tick-tocking away.
i don’t mean to suggest that life will be easy after graduation. far from it, i believe life will be incredibly challenging. what, with being in a job that law school didn’t come close to equipping me for, student loan payments, and figuring out life outside of the semester schedule, i don’t have any delusions life will be a cake-walk. but there are a few things i look forward to.


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9 responses to “looking forward

  1. i remember being distinctly underwhelmed by graduation. i wanted to be excited by it but bar prep was looming over me. my mind was telling me, “you really ought to be spending this time preparing. you’ll probably fail.” Luckily, my dad came to town and took me out and about. and for those 3 days, i was happy. but then, i was back in reality and so UNhappy. barprep sucks but at least for those three days, we had fun.

  2. Confession: I have a countdown as my status. This is not because I wish law school over, but because I am so cripplingly busy that I sometimes actually have to stop and remind myself to breathe. So in that sense, I’m anticipating BarBri because I will have ONE thing to do. Just one. No matter how intimidating, it’ll be better than my current state 🙂 I do definitely agree with you though!


    Bartlet for America.

  3. For the record, I have closed a bar down IN MY SUIT. More than once. Moderation-schmoderation. 🙂

  4. I love your attitude… There’s nothing wrong with looking at the bright side and also realizing that there will be new challenges… how else do we get through anything?

    I reallly look forward to getting my weekends back after I graduate. I think that’s the thing I miss the most. Not getting out of bed at 6am on Saturday and Sunday to do homework.

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