atlas shrugged: the film

ayn rand was introduced to me a decade ago. reading atlas shrugged opened up a whole new world–it sparked my interest in libertarianism and i’m convinced that my political and philosophical views of the world today are due, in large part, to ayn rand.

so naturally, when i heard they were adapting it into a movie, i knew i had to see it. to say i rarely go to movies is an understatement. i think the last film i saw in theaters was defiance in 2008. between the cost, having to deal with teenagers, and not being able to take a restroom (or beer) break, i usually wait to netflix it. but for this i was willing to make an exception: i saw it opening night.

pic or it didn't happen, duh

did i like it? of course. i spent 102 minutes watching my favorite story of all time portrayed on screen. the only way i would have disliked it is if they were unfaithful to the book.

was it objectively good? no way.

my thoughts (SPOILER ALERT):

  • the acting sucked. the actress playing dagny taggart was shallow, flat, and didn’t do her character justice. to be sure, she may not be terrible in other roles, but dagny is the most important character in the story, she needed a fierce actress. (the rest weren’t too bad, particularly the actors portraying ellis wyatt and james taggart. and the guy playing hank was hot. bold for emphasis. serious emphasis.)
  • the visuals were okay. some parts were good, but the train was not animated well and it seemed they reused a lot of the same shots. (and as a colorado native, i feel compelled to say: THE TREES ARE NOT YELLOW IN JULY. yes it can be cold, even in the summer, but the trees don’t change until september/october!)
  • they set it in 2016. in some ways i think it worked, but it was not always successful. unfortunately, it was rather plausible. see this video from freedomworks:

overall, the movie was more or less faithful to the story, which is why i’m willing to overlook the bad acting. will i see it again? yup. should you? depends. if you love the story, go see it. if not, don’t.

but doods, the bracelet is hideous.


yet inexplicably, i still want one.  damn capitalism.

i am disappointed that one of the most fantastic books of all time gave way to such a mediocre film, but here’s hoping parts II and III (which i anxiously await) are amazeballs.

the reviews have been varied, from judge kozinski loving it to ebert tearing it a new asshole, and lots of in between. similar responses in the libertarian blogs i read: see josh blackman, volokh, tim sandefur, and different reason contributors.

have any of y’all seen it? thoughts?



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2 responses to “atlas shrugged: the film

  1. So I totally have mixed feelings about Ayn Rand but there’s NO WAY I’m not seeing this. I feel that movies like this are just important by their mere existence. I will probably back to back it with Water For Elephants so that I can just suffer for like 6 hours.

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