nearing the end

this week is the last week of classes. since we’re 3Ls, this means for good (save the crazies getting LLMs and a few off to get other advanced degrees).

everyone keeps talking about “the last X.” i.e.: the last class ever. the last monday. the last reading assignment. the last case. the last exam.

you guys. STOP. we’re graduating, not dying. yes, our lives are about to change dramatically, but it’s certainly not like we’re going to stop learning. plus, studying for–and taking the bar–is going to suck SO MUCH MORE than school.

frankly, i’m going to miss a lot of this.

  • making jokes in silly classes (e.g., sitting in family law giggling about turkey basters and artificial baby-makin’)
  • 3L thirsty thursdays.
  • being BMOC (in a manner of speaking). i’m going back to the bottom of the dogpile, and i very much like the strata in which i find myself.
  • constantly being pushed to think, learn, and be a big ol’ nerd.
yes, there are a number of things i’m excited about, but law school has been quite the jaunt. it took me a while to get to this point (i was miserable 1L year), but now that i’m here, i am truly going to miss this. robes have  been distributed, tams have been fitted, parents’ plane tickets have been bought. i’m starting to get emotional about it all. goodness gracious, i sent out a sappy email to the entire student body today (ah the joys of having listserv access). WHO AM I?!
all that said, good luck to everyone on exams. 3Ls, enjoy the last taste of freedom before the bar kills us all.


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8 responses to “nearing the end

  1. Good luck with finals and then bar studying. Enjoy the last moments and make the best memories you can. I know you will live it up!

  2. Good luck lady!!! The 3L’s around these parts are oddly nostalgic too. I can’t wait to see them at graduation 🙂

  3. Yes, the student life is a sad one to leave behind. But lemme tell you, having a paycheck sure is nice, even if I do make only a nickel every two weeks.

    Congrats! This is an exciting time.

  4. good luck with the exams. but you don’t need luck. you’ll come through this with flying colors.

    and the bar exam is NOT going to kill you. it’s just another test. you’ve been practicing the studying, cramming and test taking skills necessary for the bar your entire life.

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