i’ll keep my commentary to a minimum, since oversaturation is very real, and so many are more eloquent than i (of particular note: this post at preppy princess).

an all-out attack on cynicism and a true fairy-tale, i was so grateful to be able to watch it. it was simply magical, too beautiful for words, and absolutely beyond expectations. i hope someday to be able to have the poise that seems so natural to kate. (also hoping i can snag a man who has a touch more hair than william.)

i’m not emotional, i doubt love exists, and i have never cried at a wedding. until this one. maybe i’m a sap, maybe i’m particularly emotional right now, but i was reduced to tears throughout the entire thing.  when harry turned to will and said “wait til you see her,” i melted. i believe in the fairytale.

a few favorite photos:

what girl doesn’t dream of her dad taking her to her wedding? (via)

stunning (and in need of a cheeseburger). (via)

though i’m pretty sure the world would implode if a ginger married a ginger, i’ll take that risk. (in other words: DIBS ON HARRY.) (via)


this is love. (via)

poor gracie. bahahaha. (via)

the sermon was absolutely spectacular. the bishop of london did a tremendous job. and i, like so many others, latched on to these words, first uttered by st. catherine of siena:

be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.

sigh. i’ve watched it twice now and will likely watch several more times. absolutely perfect. more this, less snookie, okay world?



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4 responses to “transfixed

  1. I feel the same. So absolutely beautiful. And the fact that everyone watching could tell they were happy and in love made it so much better. And when she got to the altar and he says “You look stunning”….ADORABLE!

    And you won’t be the only one watching multiple times.

  2. i agree that she’s definitely in need of a cheeseburger!

    i ended up watching the wedding out of sheer laziness… the remote was on hubby’s nightstand and i didn’t feel like getting out of bed or climbing over him to reach it. the ceremony was beautiful. but i kept thinking to myself “my wedding was 20 minutes long. that’s all you really need.”

    i’m missing the girly-girl gene when it comes to weddings, what i can say

    • i’ve never EVER had the girly gene for weddings, so i’m rather puzzled. the wedding was a bit long, but i feel like we would’ve been gypped with a short one.

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