vae victo!

i will always remember where i was on 9/11/01, and now thanks to our military and intelligence operatives, i will always remember where i was on 5/1/11.

every night before bed, i turn on the news and fall asleep listening to world affairs. lately it’s been so petty and insignificant. last night at 10, i had brushed my teeth, washed my face, and was tucked into bed watching john king tell the audience that obama was to address the nation at 10:30.

a good friend of mine who is very politically connected called me and said “this is big” and then we sat and speculated as to what it is. obama wouldn’t interrupt the country at 10:30 on a sunday night about libya, anything military in nature would’ve already been broken. it had to be bin laden. had to be.

i called my parents and a few friends to tell them to turn on the news, that this was going to be big.

and it was.

tears of joy marked my face; i couldn’t sleep i was so excited.

an enormous thank you to our military, to our intelligence operatives, and to everyone who fought tirelessly for the past decade.

this will surely change the face of the war, of politics, of diplomacy. there are so many questions. but for now, we celebrate.

for now, this is a nonpartisan american victory.




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2 responses to “vae victo!

  1. Kristin

    This post makes me miss you more than ever! Well said, friend. I didn’t hear until this morning, but what a way to start a week!

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