i have finished law school!

i know i’m prone to hyperbole, but this ain’t an exaggeration. i am so excited to be done. i haven’t celebrated any of my graduations until this one. high school was a big old duh, leaving college left me too heartbroken to celebrate, and this one is finally it! after twenty years of continuous schooling, maybe it’s time to contribute to society.

sike, i’m going to be a lawyer not a real person! silly people.

my last exam was wednesday night. i was done by 9pm and was drinking with my boys by 9:10. it was pretty spectacular. well, until bar prep started saturday morning at 9am, which was quite possibly the cruelest thing ever (enter the hyperbole).

in between doing MBE questions and re-learning what i was supposed to learn in law school, i’ve resigned myself to the fact that summer is going to super suck, but i’m still celebrating. my parents fly in wednesday and my big brother flies in (from AUSTRALIA!) on thursday. i’m really excited to see my family, but also understand that their arrival is the end–time to start with another round of goodbyes. someday i’ll learn that my bad case of wanderlust has a terrible side effect of making me diverge from my friends. someday i’ll settle down.

but for now, we CELEBRATE!



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15 responses to “eeee!

  1. Congratulations!!!! Now have fun. And be lawyerly.

  2. congrats! and don’t worry about the stuff you didn’t learn in law school…that’s what barbri is for.

  3. Congratulations! This IS a very exciting time, despite bar prep, so enjoy!

  4. Congrats Congrats Congrats!!! YAY!! Find SOME time to relax and do something for yourself. You deserve it. And yay for family visits!!

  5. So excited for you girl… Whatever lies ahead, it can’t be worse than learning RAP at 7am on a Saturday…

  6. yeah…. the bar totally sucks. but nothing feels so sweet as the moment you walk out and are DONE. well… except the moment that you find out you PASSED!

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