i’m not dead, so there’s that. updates since last post:

1. i gradumacated!*

probably for the last time ever (something my family is very excited about). we have lots of serious face pictures appropriate for the mantle. we also have more typical photos: us goofing off, laughing, and irritating all the people who take life too seriously. ❤

2. i drove 2200 miles.

unemployed + bar prepping = living in my parents’ basement. this is… less than ideal. certainly not the dreams i had when i started law school a month before the stock market imploded.

free rent is awesome, leaving behind another life and home i’ve made  is not awesome. saying goodbye never gets easy and i don’t how i’ll survive without my boys. thank goodness for gchat.

3. i’m studying for the bar.

in my friend N’s words: “i didn’t think law school could get worse and then this shit happened.”

as boring as it is to study for, it’s even worse to read about. so i won’t be blogging/tweeting much until it’s over (and then after the obligatory post-bar bender that will probably result in just sleeping and watching movies for 8 days).

but just one bar prep comment: i wish they were all con law questions.  i mean really, at the end of the day, isn’t the law all about the constitution? i’m such a nerd for con law (ooh, strict scrutiny! hold me!), i should be more embarrassed. but i’m not. SORRY I’M NOT SORRY.

4. i have the coolest brother ever.

two reasons: 1) he flew in from AUSTRALIA for my graduation; 2) his graduation present to me:

the ipad, not steve jobs. that’d be weird if i got steve jobs as a gift.

i’m still figuring it all out, but it’s amaze-balls. any app suggestions? i have to say, i was most excited to find a pmbr ipad app**, which is quite possibly the lamest/most depressing thing to be excited about EVER. but hey, flashcards.

what have you kids been up to? i’ve (much too briefly) perused your blogs, but update meeeee.

*uncyclopedia: recent find, hilarity.

** bar prep materials, for all you non-legal types (i’m insanely jealous right now).



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12 responses to “hullllooooo?

  1. Jamie

    Congrats! Darling picture.

  2. Duh. You need Angry Birds. All three of them (Rio, Seasons, Original). They’re perfect for barzam studying breaks.

  3. I’m jealous about the ipad. Fun stuff!

    Good luck with the studying. It sucks, I know…but really, this time will go by fast and then it’s over. 🙂

  4. Girl. I feel you, on so many levels. Let’s just leave it at that. Um, you should also get words with friends if you can and play me. It will be our little break, now that both of us are BlackBerry free 🙂

    I amused myself in the library the other day by looking at pictures of Colorado instead of reading about Remedies (I did eventually read the Remedies too). Um, hello gorgeous state. Must visit.

    • good idea! i’m terrible at WWF, so i haven’t yet, but i might take the plunge soon. and of course you have to visit. imagine all the fun we would have!

  5. i left law school unemployed – i totally getcha. i think i still technically am – i’m working but not getting paid. The stock market imploded WHILE i was in law school. guh.

    Also, bar prep sucks. no two ways about that.

  6. Live Love Loans

    Good luck studying!! It sucks but once it’s over and results are out, you think back on it and realize it wasn’t so bad after all…

    If you want/need any MBE-type prep materials, let me know. I have all sorts of charts, graphs, etc. that aren’t state specific.

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