twitter: a love note

dear twitter,

you and i have been paired together for nearly three years now. i first joined you in february 2009, while up late one night writing a brief for my 1L legal writing class, which was (naturally) due the next day. i wasn’t quite sure what i was signing up for, but figured you would be a nice way to get news instantly.

what you actually provided me has been nothing short of remarkable. through you i have been able to share in excess of 12,000 thoughts, ideas, jokes, frustrations, good news, fears. you have shown me the thoughts of my favorite celebrities, connected me with old professors (even through my cloak of pseudo-anonymity), and–most importantly–introduced me to this amazing community of people. people i don’t know in person but love more than many people i spend time with. people who have been there for my dark days and been the first to share in the joys of the good.

this past week, my father had his spine re-fused in a six hour surgery. never have i been more afraid. my dad is my best friend on earth and i have no idea how i’ll exist without him in my life. thank goodness that’s not something i have to address today. i sent out a tweet the day before surgery asking for good thoughts and prayers. not something i normally do, but i was terrified. in addition to the normal litany of surgical risks, this operation also brought with it some very horrifying possibilities. and the twitter response i received was overwhelming.


page after page of replies like that. left me speechless.

i rarely update facebook anymore. getting updates from people i know (and many i’d prefer not to) pales in comparison to you, twitter. it entertains me when people ask why i tweet and assume that i’m updating people who don’t care about my breakfast menu. why do i tweet? this amazing community.

twitter, you rock.




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5 responses to “twitter: a love note

  1. 🙂 Hope your father is doing well!!!

  2. and I know what you mean. I am very close with both my parents and I am totally a daddy’s girl…in fact my dad gave me the biggest hug today and begged me not to move (which is a possibility since my husband is going back to school for his PhD)…enough about me!

    Best wishes and quick recovery for your father!!!

  3. i didn’t see the tweet about your dad – otherwise i would have offered up my good thoughts for him too. hope he’s recovering well after the surgery.

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