the requisite 2011 review

this has been one bizarre year. while i know everyone is doing a post like this and most people are sick to death of them, i still want to do one. my blog = my rules. suck it, trebek.

today is december 31st. the 365th day of 2011. if the mayans are right, it’s the last december 31st we’ll ever have (i have my doubts). 2o11 was the biggest roller coaster of a year i’ve yet experienced. so many tears: happy ones, frustrated ones, heartbroken ones. so many laughs. in short, it was just like any other year, but with some more milestones.

i graduated from law school.

i passed the bar.

my dog died. i neither blogged nor tweeted about this because i couldn’t bring myself to do it. definitely the worst part of 2011.

i went to virginia and portland. made new friends and reconnected with old friends.

i moved back to colorado after 7 years on the east coast.

i spent all of august, september, and october sailing.

i became an unemployed lawyer living with my parents. 

and most importantly, i discovered the truth of aristotle’s phrase: happiness depends upon ourselves.


into 2012 we go. as they say, cheers to the new year and another chance to get it right.



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2 responses to “the requisite 2011 review

  1. Belated, but I’m just now catching up on my Google Reader. Cheers to 2012, from another unemployed lawyer 🙂

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