sailing in colorado? oh yeah.

this past weekend i attended a race management seminar for sailing. every race requires a race committee–a boat(s) that sets the course, places marks the racers have to go around, sets the starting line, and essentially officiates on the water. it’s a very stressful but fun job. all weekend we heard war stories from the country’s biggest yacht clubs (i want to race in san diego, those guys don’t mess around). our instructors have served as officials for the america’s cup, world championships, and the olympics. clearly they’ve got some sweet as stories.

most of the time was spent discussing the rules of sailing and strategies for creating good races. however, at the end of the weekend we had to take a test. in order to legitimately serve as race committee (you get help from the national office and insurance coverage among other perks), you need to be registered as a race officer by the national office.  to do that, you have to get a passing score on the test (75/85/90 depending on the level you want to officiate) and then get a bunch of practical experience. well, after spending the past oh, 20 years taking tests regularly, i’ve gotten quite good at it. i have certain strategies i employ–take care of my OCD, make sure i don’t run out of time, etc.–and this test was no different. turns out, i got the highest score in my room. i certainly didn’t know the material as much as others, but i’ve gotten quite good at strategizing and attacking tests. so i guess i can thank the bar for helping me? barf.

i got an 88, and now have 4 years to get all the practical experience i need to get my registration. some of that requires i officiate at different yacht clubs. i am the youngest person in my club by a solid 10 years and there are no dateable single men. conveniently, i need to go to different clubs. conveniently, i’ve already scheduled a few races at a club that has a large amount of dateable (and very attractive) single men. CONVENIENTLY. this girl’s gonna find herself a superhot sailor man in colorado.

(and yes, there is sailing in colorado. i get that question a lot. inland sailing FTW!)



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2 responses to “sailing in colorado? oh yeah.

  1. I’m baffled that people don’t know that sailing happens in Colorado. Is the only inland sailing allowed in the great lakes? Any lake can take a sailboat, even if it’s a little lake with a sunfish skimming around. Sheesh.

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