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a dear friend sent me an email the other day with links to a new favorite tumblr: #myfriendsaremarried.

shit is HILARIOUS. as a single 26 year old, you’d think i have leprosy the way some people treat me. i’m single by choice. i don’t want a relationship right now; i’m pretty fulfilled between my job and drinking with my friends and out at bars and all by myself (AND FOOTBALL IS BAAAAAAAACK). but some of my college friends think that the most important thing in life is to get married and that i’m seriously deprived. being single isn’t a character flaw and i’m so fucking sick of the suggestion that it is.

anywhoozits, this tumblr is hilarious. a few favorites:

when my friend tells me i’m dating the wrong kinds of men:

(via) (i may never learn, but hot damn there is something so wonderful about douchecanoes.)

when my married friend says there a lot of perks to being single:


when my friend tells me my biological clock is ticking:


when someone asks me why i’m still single:

(via) (if the shoe fits…)

when someone tells me to try online dating:


when someone says you will find someone when you least expect it:



ETA: i absolutely do not resent my friends’ relationships. being single is right for me now, not right for everyone. i just tire of the hints and flat out statements that something is wrong with me because of my relationship status.


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