this week

i used to love politics. it was a simpler time in my life: there was a right and a wrong and i voted for the guys who were right most of the time, even if i had a few misgivings. and now? i’ve evolved. i hate the current state of politics, i hate both parties, i hate all of it.

tuesday i’m voting for gary johnson. it’s not a protest vote. it’s not a wasted vote. rather, it’s a vote i believe in. why?

  • i want a smaller government: diminish entitlement programs and lessen defense spending.
  • i believe in civil liberties: personal freedom and privacy are glorious things; drone strikes on american citizens are obscene. 
  • i believe in equality: if the government is going to recognize marriage (which i don’t believe they should, but that’s a post for another time), they must recognize it equally. i don’t like referring to “gay marriage” as though it’s something different. marriage is marriage. also? DOMA is the biggest piece of unconstitutional garbage on our books right now.
  • i believe in free choice, not coercion.

gary johnson clearly isn’t going to win on tuesday (i think president obama will). so why, in the words of nick gillespie, am i voting for him, “knowing that he’s a bigger lost cause than the chicago cubs winning the world series, the gilmore girls movie getting made, and the release of dr. dre’s detox put together”? because i want to send a message to the parties that they need to make some fundamental changes. because i want to be able to look myself in the mirror wednesday morning. because i want to live free.

gary johnson 2012.


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