monday check-in

totally stolen from ang.

obsessing over: lace skirt i got from jcrew a few months ago. it was the only one there, just happened to fit me perfectly, and was on crazy sale. wear it all the time, still not over it.

working on: gaining confidence in my work. there are some things i’m totally confident about because i know them for a certainty. but the rest of the stuff i work on that i know (certainly competent, just not 100%) suffers from a real confidence problem. it’s not an effective use of resources to understand everything as well as i know a certain southern state’s campaign $ laws, but it’s really frustrating knowing how to straddle the line.

thinking about: the existence of love and whether or not i’ll ever believe in it or experience it (hence the drinking category below).

anticipating: going home thursday! it’ll be a whirlwind trip, but i’m looking forward to it.

listening to: fleetwood mac like it’s going out of style (we’ll just pretend they didn’t go out of style in the 80s).

drinking: that firecracker wine i blogged about yesterday. it’s gross, but i’m not (yet) the type of person to throw alcohol away. maybe someday.

wishing: that i could have productive feelings resulting in a normal relationship instead of the fucked up reality that is my life.

added category:
hating: that i can’t afford all the things i want. also that there is so much i want when i have so much to begin with.


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  1. Glad you stole this! And I totally agree with your hate category. I want so much. I feel guilty! Have a great trip home for Thanksgiving!!

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