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bourbon makes me exclamation pointy

yesterday’s results do not come as a surprise to me. i suppose that’s not entirely truthful–i did not expect we’d have the results last night. but i did expect that president obama would be reelected. when your best candidate is as thrilling as lukewarm chicken broth, you can’t honestly expect a win, can you? combine mr. bland with an improving economy (albeit at the rate cold molasses flows), a genuinely likable opponent, and visible members of your party who are hellbent on being as stupid as fucking possible, you can’t honestly expect any other result, can you? hope, yes; expect, no.

am i disappointed? yes, but that comes with the territory of being a libertarian.

i’m also hopeful. gay marriage ballot initiatives passed in four states yesterday! equal rights should not be offered to the public for a vote, but here we are. marijuana was legalized in two states yesterday! hopefully we can honestly address the calamity that is the war on drugs. our immigration system in this country is fucked up beyond words. maybe the president will stop treating it like a political third rail (like every other politician ever) and actually reform it. these are all things that can be fixed if we stop with the party idolatry, if we go beyond our parties and address problems this country’s “leadership” is trying to ignore. there are other problems that need to be addressed, namely the massive unfunded liabilities that are about to crush us fiscally, but i don’t really see a bipartisan way to fix that and doubt we’ll address it until it actually does crush us.

but! republicans! my once (and maybe future (but probably not)) party! i have a fail-safe solution for you! i call it the GINGER PLAN OF AWESOME. follow it and you won’t colossally embarrass yourselves in 2016! follow it and find that all of your problems will disappear! (or transform into different ones, but that’s beside the point.) follow it and be as awesome as me!

step 1! stop defending the indefensible. stop with the automatic defense of complete fucktards just because they have an (R) next to their names. if they say something stupid, shame and abandon them. 

step 2! for fuck’s sake, it’s time for a seachange on social issues. when you say you want smaller government, behave as though you do. don’t impose your beliefs on others. don’t talk about federalism one minute and then decry a gay marriage initiative the next. remember that distinction between positive and negative rights? return to it.

step 3! embrace change. i’m not talking about diversity for the sake of diversity, but the groupthink that has entrenched the RNC is crippling the party. listen to someone other than karl rove. nikki haley has some great stuff to say. so does condi. listen to them.

step 4! develop new talent. no more bushes, no more candidates who lost the primary in the previous cycle (i swear to all that is holy that if santorum is the 2016 candidate i will donate every free penny i have to the democrats). there are some pretty cool republicans out there who view the world through a different prism–find them. more huntsman, less perry.

step 5! stop with the blame. a mark of maturity is accepting responsibility for your actions. this isn’t because of that gol’ darned liberal media. if you think you have a media problem, then improve your media strategy. this isn’t because of the 1,139,562 people who voted for gary johnson (as of 7:37pm MST wednesday) (i am the 1%!). this is because you lost the game.

step 6! me!




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this week

i used to love politics. it was a simpler time in my life: there was a right and a wrong and i voted for the guys who were right most of the time, even if i had a few misgivings. and now? i’ve evolved. i hate the current state of politics, i hate both parties, i hate all of it.

tuesday i’m voting for gary johnson. it’s not a protest vote. it’s not a wasted vote. rather, it’s a vote i believe in. why?

  • i want a smaller government: diminish entitlement programs and lessen defense spending.
  • i believe in civil liberties: personal freedom and privacy are glorious things; drone strikes on american citizens are obscene. 
  • i believe in equality: if the government is going to recognize marriage (which i don’t believe they should, but that’s a post for another time), they must recognize it equally. i don’t like referring to “gay marriage” as though it’s something different. marriage is marriage. also? DOMA is the biggest piece of unconstitutional garbage on our books right now.
  • i believe in free choice, not coercion.

gary johnson clearly isn’t going to win on tuesday (i think president obama will). so why, in the words of nick gillespie, am i voting for him, “knowing that he’s a bigger lost cause than the chicago cubs winning the world series, the gilmore girls movie getting made, and the release of dr. dre’s detox put together”? because i want to send a message to the parties that they need to make some fundamental changes. because i want to be able to look myself in the mirror wednesday morning. because i want to live free.

gary johnson 2012.

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a disclaimer of sorts: i refer to PPACA as obamacare. i don’t do it to be pejorative, it just seems to be a bit clearer than referring to it as the ACA, PPACA, or obama’s healthcare plan. everyone knows what i’m talking about when i say obamacare and it’s an efficient use of syllables.

as a constitutional law junkie, this week at SCOTUS was the equivalent of the super bowl. this term is already huge–tons of cases on broad, highly political issues–and to add obamacare to that is very exciting for this kid. unfortunately (or fortunately?), monday was a crazy day for my family–i started a new job and my dad had knee surgery (he’s home and doing great), so i didn’t have a chance to follow the litigation until this weekend. i had a marathon day yesterday listening to arguments from all three days (even the anti-injunction act arguments, which were kind of like watching paint dry) and then reading all kinds of analysis. holy crap, it’s exciting.

rather than get into the actual constitutional analysis (because really, we all know i’m a libertarian, your guess as to my opinion is probably accurate, and there has been exceptionally great analysis by people far smarter than me), i’m going to comment on a few things relating to the coverage that have particularly bothered me.

  1. attacking solicitor general don verrilli for his performance. first of all, oral argument is largely a charade. the justices pretty much know how they feel about something before they hear, “mr. chief justice, may it please the court.” secondly, they’re surely not going to be swayed by verrilli’s coughing and water drinking. he answered their questions clearly and effectively, it just wasn’t the smoothest of presentations. finally, his oral advocacy skills were great monday, he just had a tough tuesday which wasn’t helped by paul clement’s exceptional performance. (and ps: i totally envision a future of “justice clement.”) i don’t think anyone who has ever spoken in front of a group feels anything other than pity for him. he had a rough week and the assaults need to stop.
  2. related, the GOP ad characterizing obamacare as “a tough sell” was nothing more than pathetic hackery. there are a lot of substantive and legitimate ways to attack obamacare. but doctoring the audio and making fun of verrilli is garbage. also? if you were interested in SCOTUS allowing video, this ad is definitely working against you. a few years ago i attended a small lecture with justice scalia and his comments regarding video in SCOTUS were negative mainly because of his fear of peopl taking things out of context for political gain. this is exhibit A.
  3. much of the mainstream analysis has focused on how obamacare is obviously going to be struck down because of the questions asked in oral arguments. people. don’t read into the questions asked by the justices. it means nothing for the swing votes. so stop using questions kennedy asked as “proof he’s going to vote X way.” he may be trying to discount a line of thinking, he may be just inquiring. point is, you don’t know what he’s thinking so stop pretending you do.
  4. for the love of all that is good and holy, STOP USING THE PHRASE “ACTIVIST COURT.” it doesn’t have a meaning anymore because so many people have bastardized it. “oh, the court did something with which i disagree, they’re so activist.” their job is to interpret the constitution. sometimes that means striking down laws congress has enacted, sometimes that means upholding them. that means they’re doing their job, not parading around beyond their powers. so please, i beg of you, stop using that phrase immediately.

i can’t friggin wait until june/july. though i must say, i’m hopeful but pessimistic.

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vae victo!

i will always remember where i was on 9/11/01, and now thanks to our military and intelligence operatives, i will always remember where i was on 5/1/11.

every night before bed, i turn on the news and fall asleep listening to world affairs. lately it’s been so petty and insignificant. last night at 10, i had brushed my teeth, washed my face, and was tucked into bed watching john king tell the audience that obama was to address the nation at 10:30.

a good friend of mine who is very politically connected called me and said “this is big” and then we sat and speculated as to what it is. obama wouldn’t interrupt the country at 10:30 on a sunday night about libya, anything military in nature would’ve already been broken. it had to be bin laden. had to be.

i called my parents and a few friends to tell them to turn on the news, that this was going to be big.

and it was.

tears of joy marked my face; i couldn’t sleep i was so excited.

an enormous thank you to our military, to our intelligence operatives, and to everyone who fought tirelessly for the past decade.

this will surely change the face of the war, of politics, of diplomacy. there are so many questions. but for now, we celebrate.

for now, this is a nonpartisan american victory.



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my head and heart are in about 704 different places, so this post is going to be some reflection of that. apologies. you’ll find it color-coded for your reading ease and pleasure.

tomorrow is my last day of work; to say i am distraught is a complete understatement. this job has been so much more than i ever dreamed or could have asked for. i worked on two SCOTUS cases, was mentored by one of the brightest attorneys i have ever met, spent time with spectacular people, inspiring clients, and made fantastic friends. and, in true firecracker form, i am about to say goodbye and leave. as much as i love my adventures, i’m getting really tired of goodbyes. will i cry? i got a little choked up wednesday when boss 1 left. let’s see if i break my two-year no-crying streak.

the prospect of starting 3L year is nauseating. i’m thrilled to see my friends. but a whole new flock of 1Ls? gag me. amie is very well equipped at dealing with the newbies whereas i desperately want to hang a banner that says abandon hope all ye who enter here.

requisite apolitical comments about prop 8: i read the whole opinion even though i swore i wouldn’t–136 pages is obscene. as this isn’t a political blog, i’ll keep my thoughts on the merits to myself (though if you feel so inclined, i’d love to get an email from you). discussing it on legal grounds has been awesome. the non-law media coverage? less awesome.

anyone need a new lunchbag? vineyard vines is selling these lovelies for $20, with $10 of which going to share our strength, an org dedicated to ending childhood hunger in america. with all the obesity, you wouldn’t think it’s a problem, but it is, and it’s heartwrenching. so go help. (and this isn’t sponsored. very rarely i grow a heart, and today is one of those days.)

the lovely and fun amanda gave me the you’re going places, baby award. thanks, sugar! my instructions: describe where i’ll be in 10 years and nominate 10 bloggers.

i used to have a ten year plan. i had it perfectly mapped out exactly where i would be, the type of job i would have, who my husband was going to be, etc. it couldn’t have been more detailed. and then somewhere along the way, life happened. my goals and values changed, and i’m nothing like i was then. so now my only ten year plan is to be happy. the only vague guesstimate i can offer is hopefully working at a non-prof firm or think tank, advocating for policy change and the things i believe in. hopefully i’ll have met someone great. i’ll definitely be surrounded by amazing friends. and who knows, maybe i’ll still be blogging.

my 10 nominees: faux trixie, amie, v, brittany, melissa, lindsay, bella, behrlie, mr. c, and my tenth is open for anyone who wants to participate (i love you all).

go write stuff so i can stalk you more. kthxbai.

i made a new twitter friend today. she’s awesome and sent me this. it’s possible i’ve listened to it 80 times today. spec-frickin-tacular.

that’s about it for today. i’ll be off the grid for a while, as i’m going to the grand canyon, driving back to colorado, and otherwise not being tethered to my lappytoppy. hope you guys have a good few days/weeks/whenever. i’ll be on/off twitter.

until next time.


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procrastination, thy name is firecracker.

i have a massive paper due tomorrow at 5pm. have i started? yes. but i have 18 pages to go. eek. it’ll be a veryveryvery late night. for now i blog.

open note to professors: do not make things due 2 days after spring break. it is cruel.

random musings:

  • healthcare passed last night. i made the fatal mistake of getting on facebook and am now boycotting for days. i don’t care if you’re red team or blue team [well i do, but that’s not my point], both sides have valid points and i cannot handle the disrespect that is flying via status updates. quite frankly, i don’t look to FB to engage in political discourse.
  • it was wicked foggy this morning, which was awesome. i skipped class to volunteer for junior league/ACS’s daffodil days. JL always puts me in a good mood.

  • spring break was spectacular. i’m not excited about being back at school. 5 weeks left of class, a few weeks of exams, then off to arizona for my “last” summer.
  • i’m feeling lost. i’ll have a legitimate post up in the near future, but i feel direction-less more than i ever have. i’m 23, have had a life plan for 10 years, and have no idea what i want anymore. scattered doesn’t even begin to describe it. don henley was right:
  • “out on the road today i saw a deadhead sticker on a cadillac/a little voice inside my head said/’don’t look back you can never look back’/i thought i knew what love was, what did i know?/those days are gone forever, i should just let them go”
  • my bracket sucks.


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an election recap that isn’t

because i think it’s obnoxious when people jabber incessantly after an election unless they are 1) the media or 2) have been invested in the whole thing start to finish, i’ll keep this short.

  • obama is an awesome campaigner. governor christie and senator brown might agree.
  • the democrats still hold the presidency, 59 seats in the senate, and 256 seats in the house. a win is a win, but it’s still an uphill battle.
  • scotusblog has an awesome piece re: last night’s election and what it might mean for the supreme court. particularly for justice stevens’ replacement. check it.
  • there was a shit ton of fog this morning. it was cool.
  • it’s a bit premature to suggest scott brown run for president. i’m looking at you, drudge.
  • after 4 years of love, i still find anderson cooper to be hotty mcdreamypants.
  • the namby pamby hit it dead on: “Watching Keith Olbermann tonight is like Christmas morning. Only better.”
  • the supreme court is releasing opinions today! SO EXCITED.
  • please call the nerd police for that last bullet point.

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