the firecracker, via bullet points:

  • they call me a firecracker because i’m a feisty ginger.
  • i grew up at the foot of the rockies, on the back of horses, strapped to skis, and sailing. blessed doesn’t even cover it.
  • i have an incredible case of wanderlust.
  • i’m just as comfortable in cowboy boots as topsiders.
  • i love my yesterdays, i’m excited about my tomorrows, but i believe in the perfection of today.
  • i believe that the feeling at sunrise–the promise of a new day–should permeate our souls and better us.
  • and i believe fully in the command to live your dreams.
  • oh, and for the about me you might have been looking for? i’m a newly minted lawyer with an affinity for constitutional law, economics, and the oxford comma. i’m also a certifiable asshole.